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Customer Testimonials for Proctor Motor Company

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Tino and Angelika Reinke - 2004 Ford Expedition

We just purchased our second car from Proctor Motor Company. The most pleasant experience ever. Rodd and his staff know how to take care of their customers. Just like the first time, they listened to what we were looking for and found the perfect vehicle for us. These people are courteous, professional, and most of all honest. Two thumbs up for Proctor Motor Company. Thank you, Rodd Proctor and staff!!! Tino and Angelika Reinke

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George E. Mugford - 2004 Volvo XC90

Dear Mr. Proctor, A few weeks ago my wife and I had flown to Phoenix for a business/trade association trip and had a little time so I took a look for a used car. Cars are somewhat of a hobby for me. Our intention was to use that car to serve us on this trip, including a drive over to our Bunting branch location in Cerritos, California. After that trip I was planning on driving it back to Ohio and then selling it as a rust-free southwestern car, hopefully at a profit. Rust-free cars in northern Ohio that are 9 years old will command a premium. As it turns out, the car is almost too good. So, instead of selling it when we get back, my wife would like to make it available to our daughter when she begins driving in a few months. I have no problem with that plan because the car feels heavy, safe and reliable. The car is great but there is more to the story than that. You were a pleasure to deal with. I had visited more than ten other lots and was not impressed with either the attitude of the sales-people (my $5k budget for this project was a little less than it took to capture their enthusiasm) or the quality of vehicle in this price range. On your lot were two vehicles that fit our needs and desires and at only a slightly higher budget than was originally intended. You dealt flawlessly with the out-of-state and payment structures that were inherent to the deal. On top of that, you took the car home and tried to buff out the cloudy headlights. I can't ask for more than you have done! Good luck in your new location and I hope that we can do business together again. Based on the service and the attitude that you displayed, I am confident that you will be extremely successful. Sincerely, George E. Mugford President & COO